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Sterile Skin Stapler 35W

Sterile Skin Stapler 35W



Sterile Skin Staple Remover

Skin Staple Remover



Stapler and Remover Combo Pack

Combo Pack



Sterile Skin Stapler

Surgical Skin Stapler, Sterile, 35W (Human & Veterinary Use)

Contains 35 Wide pre-loaded staples (Brand: Medline)


  • The Medline skin stapler has a unique contoured handle design allowing for better grip, easier application and smooth actuate force.
  • Skin stapler includes a counter to indicate the exact number of skin staples used throughout the procedure.
  • Skin Stapler contains 35 Wide staples - medical grade stainless steel skin staples (Sterile) and is wrapped in a CSR (Central Supply Room) Wrap, a blue protective wrap made from natural cellulose fibers for sterilizing products. Ideally suited for operating rooms, central supply, kit packing and other areas where equipment is wrapped prior to sterilization.
  • Staple Dimensions: Closed Staple Width: 6.8 mm; Height: 4 mm; Diameter: 0.58 mm
  • Skin Stapler is Sterile until sealed packaging is opened. There is no expiration date.
  • Instructions Included

Skin Staple Remover

Sterile Skin Staple Remover (Human & Veterinary Use)


  • The Medline Sterile Skin Staple Remover provides fast and easy removal of surgical skin staples.
  • Disposable Skin Staple Remover has a scissor action.
  • Skin Staple Remover is Sterile until sealed packaging is opened. There is no expiration date.
  • Instructions included

Q & A: The Three Most Commonly Asked Questions

1) What are some advantages of a surgical skin stapler vs. conventional suture material w/ needle?

● Skin staplers are often desired because they offer quicker application compared to traditional suturing.
● Skin staplers offer easier application to close a wound or surgical incision.
● Skin staplers are generally less expensive, depending on the specific brand and model used.

2) What are the possible uses or applications for skin staplers?

Surgical skin staplers can be used in a wide variety of fields and applications. From human and veterinary surgical or emergency procedures; to EMT and Search & Rescue (SAR) Unit operations. Skin staplers offer a cost effective, sterile wound or incision closure option. Surgical skin staplers are also used by human medical schools, veterinary medical schools, government agencies for emergency and disaster training seminars (human and veterinary). Skin staplers can also be found in specialty emergency kits like sporting, working or service dog first aid kits. Skin staplers are often found as a component of first aid kits for those who are long distances from medical facilities. And they can usually be found in emergency “go-bags”, prepper kits, as well as kits for camping, hiking and other outdoor sport and recreational activities that carry a risk of injury.

3) What type of skin stapler do you carry and why?

We offer the Medline brand 35W sterile surgical skin stapler. Medline, because they are a well established, reputable company that offers only the highest quality products. We sell this particular skin stapler model because it has a unique contoured handle design that allows for a better grip, easy application and smooth actuate force. The size of the skin staplers that we offer is 35W (Wide) – the size that is most desired by our customers. We also offer a sterile skin staple remover, either by itself or as part of our Combo Pack (Skin Stapler & Staple Remover).